Meet the Team

Our Founders

Since 1977, we have focused on crafting cutting-edge, industrial-grade milling machines for a variety of high production applications. In 2006, Digital Dental turned its focus on the dental lab industry by creating the very first open architecture, industrial-strength dental milling machine.
Over the last decade, we have continually innovated and developed groundbreaking new digital dental solutions and materials for dental labs that are proven to consistently grow revenues, drive efficiencies and increase profits for our partners.

Our Engineers

Through a thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of the problems facing today’s manufacturer, our Engineers enable highly productive mass-production solutions for your machining needs. With more real-world experience than any other solution on the market our US-based team of Engineers are proud to enable clients across the globe. Experience a truly valuable partnership and confidently chose the team with years of experience trimming millions of appliances.

Quality and Reliability

Every Digital Dental mill is built to exacting standards right here in the US and is designed to be more durable, reliable and cost-effective than any other option in the dental industry.
As a testament to our dedication to quality, over 98% of the milling machines we have ever built remain in service in production environments today. Unlike many other digital dental solutions providers, we are able to offer dedicated US-based support, reliable maintenance and hands-on training.

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