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Manufacturing Scalability

Introduce automated aligner trimming into your workflow to improve quality, consistency, and eliminate the manual labor bottleneck. One technician can now produce 100 aligners per hour, every hour. 

Industrial Grade Machinery

Industrial-grade design, high-end components and modular build principles are designed to produce a mill that will last 15+ years while maintaining tight tolerances.

Cloud Based CAM Software

Avoid bulky CAD software and keep your workflow simple. Our software error checks for the most common trimming issues so you can have the confidence you need every time you begin a new case.

Software Integration

Avoid hand trimming aligners and explore simple, scalable, aligner manufacturing with our complete software solution. We know generating G Code is a hassle, that’s why we manage it for you.

Hardware Installation

Each machine only requires internet connection  and compressed air. Connecting via ethernet enables up-to-date milling strategies and real-time support.

Validated Materials

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Clear aligners are FDA regulated medical devices. Consult a regulatory expert before manufacturing.

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